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03 March, 2019

Armenia - 2018 Third Series Hybrid Commemorating 25th Anniversary of National Currency 1993-2018, Dram

Հայաստանի Հանրապետություն
Hayastani Hanrapetut’yun
Republic of Armenia

Central Bank of Republic of Armenia

Here is a complete set of 6 notes issued on 22/11/2018 and 25/12/2018. This is the third series of Armenian banknotes since regaining it's independence on 21/09/1991 following the collapsed of the Soviet Union empire. Prior to that, Armenia has a long history of issuing it's own currency since 1919.

This series comprises of six denominations - 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 20000 and 50000 Dram (֏). The theme for this third series are famous citizens/Armenians and monuments. According to the Governor of the Central Bank of Armenia, Arthur Javadyan, these notes, together with the 500 dram 2017 collector's note are issued to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Armenian currency. The top 3 denominations were first issued on 22/11/2018 and the remaining 3 notes on 25/12/2018. Modem Armenian dram came into effect from 22/11/1993. The currency Dram means money in Armenian. This is the first time a 2000 dram value is introduced for circulation. The 100000 dram is not included in this series.

All these notes are printed on Louisenthal's Hybrid substrate with a cotton core and sandwiched by two thin polyester layers to increase its durability. These notes are designed by Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) and Louisenthal. This is the second time the central bank issued hybrid banknotes. The first was the 500 Dram Noah Ark commemorative note issued in 2017.

Main designs/features
1000 Dram - poet Paruyr Sevek 1924-1971 | Paruyr Sevek's home/museum in Zangakatun;
2000 Dram - chess grandmaster Tigran Petrosian 1929-1984 | Tigran Petrosian Chess House in Yerevan and his statue;
5000 Dram - writer and dramatist William Saroyan 1908-1981 | his statue in Yerevan
10000 Dram - composer Komitas Vardapet 1869-1935 | Komitas monument in Etchmiadzin, Gevorgian Seminary bldg;
20000 Dram - seascape artist Hovhannes (Ivan) Aivazosky 1817-1900 | Hovhannes Aivazosky monument in Yerevan, Aivazosky Art Gallery; and
50000 Dram - Saint Gregory the Illuminator 257AD-331AD | Saint Gregory the Illuminator's tombstone in Etchmiadzin.

One Thousand Dram
Dated 2018
Two Thousand Dram
Dated 2018
Five Thousand Dram
Dated 2018
Ten Thousand Dram
Dated 2018
Twenty Thousand Dram
Dated 2018
Fifty Thousand Dram
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Armenia is the only second country that has issued all its banknotes printed on Hybrid materials. Bermuda was the first in 2009.

23 February, 2019

Bermuda - $2 Second Reprint Hybrid


Bermuda Monetary Authority

The is the second reprint of the $2 note, first issued in 2009. A quick glance on the note does not appears to have any changes on the design, apart from the signatures.

Chairman - Gerald DE Simons (2012-2019);
Director - Ronald Simmons

Two Dollars
Dated 2009 (2018)

14 February, 2019

South Africa - 2018 Nelson Mandela Centennial Commemorative Full Set (Hybrid - 10 & 20 Rand)

Republic of South Africa / iRiphabhuliki yaseNingizimu Afrika

South African Reserve Bank

This is a complete set of 5 notes with values from 10 to 200 Rand all issued on 18/07/2018, celebrating the birth centennial of Nelson Mandela 1918 - 2018.

Nelson Mandela was born on 18/07/1918 in a village of Mvezo, Umtata (almost 1,000 kilometers south of Pretoria). His birth name was Rolihlahla Mandela. He became the first democratically elected President of South Africa after his party, the African National Congress (ANC) won the general election held on 27/04/1994, thus formally ended the apartheid era in South Africa. However he only served for one 5-year term as President and retired from politic in June 1999. He died on 05/12/2013, aged 95 years old. In 2012, a full set of South African notes were issued with his portrait printed on the front. However those notes were normal notes for general circulations. This is the first time South Africa has issued commemorative banknotes.

The theme for this commemorative series depicts the life of its first democratically elected President, Nelson Mandela. The portrait and image of Nelson Mandela are printed on both sides of all the notes. In South Africa, Nelson Mandela is commonly known by his Xhosa clan name Madiba and this name is also printed on the back of the notes. The words Mandela Centenary 1918-2018 are also included in the designs. In addition to the banknotes, a 5 Rand commemorative coin is also issued for this special occasion.

The design of each note depicts various stages of the life of Nelson Mandela, from the beginning until he became the President of South Africa;

10 Rand - Birth: his birth place in Mvezo;
20 Rand - Life: his former home in Soweto;
50 Rand - Capture: Mandela's Memorial in Howick when he was captured in 1962. Fifty steel plates showing his image;
100 Rand - Struggle: Robben Island with rock pile started by Mandela and where he served 27 years as a political prisoner; and
200 Rand - Destiny: Union Buildings, where he served as President from 1994 to 1999.

In following with the tradition of banknotes of South Africa, the central bank's name on the front is printed in English - South Africa Reserve Bank. However on the bank the names are printed with two other official languages; -

10 Rand - Africaans & Swati;
20 Rand - Southern Ndebele & Tswana;
50 Rand - Venda & Xhosa;
100 Rand - Northern Sotho & Tsonga;
200 Rand - Sotho & Zulu.

These notes are all printed by De La Rue. The two lowest denominations of 10 and 20 rand are printed on Louisenthal's Hybrid material with the cotton paper core sandwiched by polyester protective film on both sides for durability.

These notes were launched on 13.07.2018 by the bank's governor Lesetja Kganyago.

Ten Rand (Hybrid)
Dated 2018
Twenty Rand (Hybrid)
Dated 2018
Fifty Rand
Dated 2018
One Hundred Rand
Dated 2018
Two Hundred Rand
Dated 2018

08 February, 2019

Switzerland - 200 Francs 2018 Hybrid

Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft / Confédération suisse / Confederazione Svizzera / Confederaziun svizra / Swiss Confederation

Swiss National Bank

The is the fourth note of the ninth series of banknotes, first issued in 2016. As per all previous issues, this note is also issued with 3-signature varieties. Like those previously issued, this note is also printed on Hybrid materials.

The main signature is the President of the Bank Council and each note is counter signed by a member of the Bank's Governing Board.

Front - The fingers of the hand describe three axis coordinates, representing the spatial dimensions in which matter expands, Over the globe, the earth’s land masses during the late Cretaceous period are shown;
Back - The particle collision expresses the key motif of the note and highlights the international importance of Swiss scientific activities, and the depiction of a particle detector represents Switzerland as a research hub.

These notes were released on 22/08/2018

Two Hundred Francs (Jean Studer / Andréa Michaela Maechler)
Two Hundred Francs (Jean Studer / Fritz Zurbrugg)
Two Hundred Francs (Jean Studer / Thomas Jordan)