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01 September, 2016

Suriname - $5 Hybrid Dated 2012

This is a Suriname $5 note with the year date of 2012. This note has been reported as a Hybrid note presumably introduced in 2014. I do not have any other information to confirm this or to tell you how you can identify this as a Hybrid note. So far I have only sighted one prefix GA and judging by the serial numbers, I would say a maximum print of 10 million pieces however I do not believe this is the case as the 2010 print also has GA prefix too. However whether the serial numbers range have any indication on this note or the signature, I can't tell. I believe the signature on this note belongs to the Central Bank President - Gillmore A Hoefdraad. I believe the previous 2010 issue has the Bank President's signature of Andre E Telting (tenure 1994-1996 and 2000-2010). This note has a watermark of the country's Central Bank building and the imprinter is Giesecke & Devrient which is also printed on back of the note.

Five dollars
Dated 2012, P163b

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