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01 February, 2011

Latvia - 500 Lats 2008

Five Hundred Lats, Replacement Note P54
Brief Description
Governor - Ilmars Rimsevics
Dimensions – 130mm x 65mm
Prefix number series - A/**/A; Replacement A/**/Z
Date issue - 19 January 2009, note printed with year 2008
This is a high value note.

The note depicts the profile of a Latvian folk-maid and a stylised oak-leaf. On the centre-left side of the note, there is a vertical translucent band embedded into the banknote, which covers the see-through register and transparent window above it. Across the top of the banknote, there is the two-colour inscription LATVIJAS BANKAS NAUDAS ZĪME (banknote of the Bank of Latvia), with the serial number of the banknote inscribed in red underneath. Across the bottom of the banknote, there are the inscriptions PIECSIMT LATU (five hundred lats) in the colour changing optical effect print, LATVIJAS BANKA (Bank of Latvia), facsimile signature of the Governor of the Bank of Latvia, and serial number of the banknote in black print. On the right side of the banknote, there is a vertical ornamental band composed of the motif of Lielvārde belt and topped by the numeral 500. When the banknote is tilted to the light, the nominal value is visible on the band.


It depicts a motif of the ornaments of a bronze head-dress. A vertical metallic band on the banknote, a broader holographic clear text window thread with the lettering of the nominal value) is worked into the paper to the left of the centre of the banknote, and a stylised oak-leaf (a see-through register) is to the right. Across the top of the banknote, there is the inscription PIECSIMT LATU (five hundred lats) and numeral 500. The numeral 500 and two-colour inscription LATVIJAS BANKAS NAUDAS ZĪME (banknote of the Bank of Latvia) are at the bottom of the banknote. A vertical band of numerals 500 with diagonal stripes that blend into one another is to the left of the ornamental motif. Along the edge of the band, there is the inscription © LATVIJAS BANKA 1992 (© Bank of Latvia 1992) on a white background. The large coat of arms of the Republic of Latvia, with the year 1992 or 2008 inscribed underneath, is depicted on a white background in the lower right corner of the banknote. Above the coat of arms, the paper is watermarked.

The profile of a Latvian folk-maid.

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Raihan said...

Looking for this note in UNC condition, if anyone have for trade/sell, letme know ASAP.